London’s East End in Literature

This website aims to capture, signpost, and cross-reference the many ways in which the East End of London has been portrayed in English and related literature across the centuries. It is part of a larger research project on the literary history of the East End that I am currently setting up at the University of Leipzig. Below, you will find a directory of key works, names, places, events, and miscellaneous topics. Click on an item and it will take you through to a collection of literary references and synopses relating to it. This is a work in progress – do please drop in from time to time. Corrections and suggestions for improvement are always appreciated (please email, and will be duly acknowledged.


Ackroyd, Peter, Hawksmoor (1985)

Ali, Monica, Brick Lane (2003)

Goldman, Willy, East End My Cradle (1940)

Lichtenstein, Rachel, and Iain Sinclair, Rodinsky’s Room (1999)

Litvinoff, Emanuel, Journey Through a Small Planet (1972)

Morrison, Arthur, A Child of the Jago (1896)

Singh, Suresh, A Modest Living: Memoirs of a Cockney Sikh (2018)

Zaidi, Mohsin, A Dutiful Boy: A Memoir of Secrets, Lies and Family Love (2020)



Mile End

Princelet Street


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